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Drinking & Eating

(Co)fee or Chocolate ?


  • Buffet breakfast 9 €

    Because breakfast is a serious matter, we offer you a complete buffet every morning, from 7 to 9:30 am, in the dining room or on the terrace to enjoy the first rays of the sun. Sweet, savoury, healthy... you will find the products you like and you will be able to refill as much as you need to satisfy your sweet tooth!

  • Express breakfast 5 €

    An early morning meeting? A train to catch? If you don't have time to have breakfast on the spot, order your box to take away from the reception! Available from 6am, it consists of a hot drink, a fruit juice, a pastry and a dairy product... enough to last until your lunch break!

Drinking & Eating

Brunch à la carte

Our à la carte brunches (your hot drink is included)

  • Plate 4€

    Bread, sweet or salted butter, with jam, honey or nutella
    4 small pancakes with jam, honey or netella
    2 pancakes with jam, honey or nutella
    Cheese omelette
    Grilled bacon plate

  • The portion 2€

    Plain yoghurt
    Fruit yogurt
    Orange segments, mixed grapefruit

  • Plate 6€

    Bacon cheese omelette
    Plate of cold cuts (5€)
    Cheese plate
    Mixed cheese and charcuterie plate

Breakfast à la carte

  • 1 hot drink / 1 glass of fruit juice / plain yoghurt or fruit / bread & spread / pancake & spread / 2 mini pastries / orange or grapefruit segment / apple / scrambled egg / bacon / cheese / smoked ham

Drinking & Eating

Tapas & (Co)

Tapas at 4€.

  • The delicatessen corner 4€

    Chorizo / Smoked ham / Bull sausage

  • The cheese corner 4€

    Portion of Camembert / Small goat cheeses / Saint Nectaire / Mazzarella sticks / Breaded Camemberts

  • The fried corner 4€

    Onions Rings / Mozzarella Sticks / Fried Squid / Breaded Camemberts

  • Spreads 4€

    Local olive fig tapenade / Candied cherry tomato tapenade / Eggplant caviar tapenade / Hummus

Tapas at 9€.

  • Carnivores 9€

    Yakitori (Marinated and barbecued chicken skewer)
    Karaage (marinated chicken fritters with soy sauce and ginger)
    Sliced marinated sirloin

Drinking & Eating


Your free hot drink.

Plate at 4€.

  • 4 small pancakes 4€

    Accompanied by jam, honey or nutella.

  • 2 Pancakes 4€

    Accompanied by jam, honey or nutella

  • Cheese omelette 4€
  • Grilled bacon plate 4€

Plate from 5€ onwards

  • Bacon cheese omelette 6€
  • Plate of cold cuts 5€
  • Cheese plate 6€
  • Mixed cheese and charcuterie plate 6€

The 2€ portion

  • Plain yoghurt 2€
  • Fruit yogurt 2€
  • Applesauce 2€
  • Orange segments, mixed grapefruit 2€

Drinking & Eating

In good (co)mpany

The planchapéro 1p at 7€, 2P at 10€.

  • Provençal olives, Tapenade with grilled croutons, chili mix with Spanish chorizo and your choice of :
    a glass of wine Isle Saint Pierre (Arles) : White, Rosé, Red,
    a half,
    a soft,
    mineral or sparkling water

Drinking & Eating

As in a (co)con

Our planchas

1 person 11€.
2 people 18€.
4 people 33€. 

  • The mixed

    Charcuterie & cheese

  • The fried

    Squid, calamari, onion, camembert and mozarella

  • The vegetarian

    Tapenade, hummus, eggplant caviar, tomatoes

  • The butcheress

    Slices of takittatikie sirloin & fries

  • The henhouse (from 4 persons)

    Yakitori (Skewer marinated and grilled on the barbecue)
    Karaage (marinated fritter with soy sauce and ginger)
    Chicken Guyoza (pan-fried Japanese ravioli)
    Rice Chips