Smart driving

    Previous Next (Co)mplice your travels For a stress-free vacation, without traffic jams or transport strikes, use your bike. Ll'Arl'HÔTEL is a hotel, but not only that... we also have a place to put your bike to sleep. Freedom, serenity, mobility, our bike room allows you to come alone, with your family or with your friends.

the (Co)mptoir de Camargue

  le (Co)mptoir de Camargue Previous Next Because at the Arl HÔTEL we love our region, we thought we couldn't let you leave without taking a little piece of home with you. Are you tempted to take some of the flavors of your vacation with you in your luggage? Then come and discover the Camargue (co)mptoir. And [...]

l'é(co)Watt by l'Arl HÔTEL, recharge your vehicle

    Previous Next é(co)Watt by l'Arl HÔTEL Want to stay connected, even on vacation? At the Arl HÔTEL, all you have to do is reserve your eParking space to live the electric life with complete peace of mind. While you sleep, your car will also recharge its batteries. And if, when you arrive, your car is at a standstill, you can [...]

Bicycle and VAE rental

    Previous Next (Co)mplice your travels Did you know that the Camargue has the reputation of being flat? And in reality, it really is! You wonder why we tell you this? Because here at the Arl HÔTEL, we are convinced that the best way to discover the Camargue is by taking a ride.

To (co)mplement your loved ones

December is here and with it, the joy of Christmas shopping! Christmas Eve is approaching fast, and you're missing everything... time, inspiration... don't panic! We've created 5 gift boxes that you can order from home, in just a few clicks! Gift vouchers [...]