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Tapas & (co)

You don't go to Tapas & (Co) like you go to a restaurant: the atmosphere is more relaxed and the setting more flexible. Read a book, work between two meetings, have a drink with friends, have a snack on the go, or organize a professional meeting... At Tapas & (Co), the rule is "come as you are to do what you want! ". Open to all and all day long, Tapas & (Co) offers a menu of hot and cold drinks, simple and varied products, gourmet and qualitative, while remaining easy and quick to enjoy.

Our schedules


(Co)ffe or chocolate ?

Wake up with a vitamin-packed breakfast buffet to enjoy every morning.



We boost our creativity over a coffee, check our emails between two meetings, and brainstorm as a team.


We allow ourselves a little healthy pleasure (or not), just to relax a little.


In good (co)mpany

We meet after work to toast with friends or colleagues around a plate of tapas.


As in a (co)con

Don't feel like going out for dinner again? Let yourself be tempted by one of our hot dishes or a pizza to enjoy in all simplicity.