Visit Arles

Bordered by the Rhone, beaten by the Mistral and weathered by the sun, Arles is moved by the beauty of its thousand-year-old architecture and its Provencal charm. From the belfry of the Town Hall to the 17th century residences, via the Saint-Trophime cloister, a mecca of Romanesque art, the old stones evoke Rome, its tiled roofs, its soft colours and even its dolce vita. In Arles, you should stroll along the narrow streets, along the squares and the noble facades, stop at the terraces of the bistros and restaurants, especially when, from Easter to September, bullfights and ferias follow one another, filling the city with clamour... and visitors.

If, within its walls, the paths of history cross, bullfighting and photography give its spirit movement and energy. Arles is also brimming with cultural life thanks to its museums, the Actes Sud publishing house, the National School of Photography and its many festivals. Fashion also has its place, since Christian Lacroix has revived the roots of Arles and their shades of colour.


To see, to do

A historic, artistic and highly dynamic city, Arles has many treasures, not to mention the numerous events and exhibitions that take place throughout the year.